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Journal of Creativity has originated from the International Journal of Creativity & Problem Solving(IJCPS,ISSN:1598-723X). Since 1990, IJCPS has published original articles on human higher-order cognition with particular emphasis on creativity. In 2019, IJCPS was merged by the Academy of Creativity and changed its name to ‘Journal of Creativity’. ‘Journal of Creativity’ is published biyearly in April and October.


Dr. Namgyoo Park

Professor of Business Administration
School of Business, Seoul National University.
office: 02-880-6874
email: namgyoopark@gmail.com

Dr. James C. Kaufman

Professor of Educational Psychology
Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut.
email: james.kaufman@uconn.edu

Managing Editor

Dr. Cheol-il Lim

Professor of Education Technology
School of Education, Seoul National University.
email: chlim@snu.ac.kr


Yukyeong Song

School of Education, Seoul National University.
email: song_@snu.ac.kr

Submission of Manuscripts and inquiries should be sent by e-mail ; journal.of.creativity12@gmail.com